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Ande's Pools Services


Pools, Spas & Water Features

We help you build your dream swimming pool for less! call us now and set up a free consultation!

We are bakersfield's one stop for all your swimming pool needs! What separates Ande's Pools  from other pool builders is our attention to detail & QUALITY! We know that your swimming pool should be more than just functional. Adding a water feature, such as a waterfall, waterjet or fountain, into your pool’s design will add interest and beauty to your backyard.

Ande's Pools offers a wide array of unique and exciting features for your swimming pool.

Choose from our broad selection of interior and deck finishes, waterfalls, colored lights, slides, play pad shelf, water jets, grottos, beach entries, mosaic accents and more… all designed to complement your custom pool and your lifestyle.


New Pool Construction

Swimming Pool

​Swimming Pool Remodels

We are a Licensed Pool Builder and Remodeler Company & Full Service Company.

Resurface your existing pool surface to a new look! Plaster / 3m Colorquartz / StoneScapes Pebble / or the newest look JewelScapes! Call us now for a free remodel quote.

We offer full chemical pool service.We also do any pool repairs needed.

We clean tile with a state of the art mineral blasting system,which is eviromentaly safe for you and your plants around the pool and is safe and effective on blasting off the scale on your tile.We also offer chemical start up process for your new pool or newley remodeled pool.We also offer pool draining and pressure washing or acid bath & chlorine bath to clean up your pool surface.

Service and Repair for Swimming Pool

Service  and  Repairs

​Fire Glass Fire Pits & BBQ Islands

​Fire Glass Fire Pits & BBQ Islands

We are bakersfield's first to offer a unique fireglass in your  firepit or fire table.

Not only does it look awesome in daylight, it helps the fire come to life @ night and gives a nice ombiance.BBQ Islands can be custom built to suit your needs! gas or propane!

Have Ande's pools do a pool inspection.

Have Ande's pools do a pool inspection so you are not caught off guard on pool problems that regular home inspectors miss! you dont need to have extra expenses after moving into a new home that you were not expecting!


Buying a home with a existing pool?

Call Us Now For a Free Consultation

Tile Cleaning, Blasting, Sealing, Pool Draining, Chemical Start Ups, Energy Efficient Pump Replacements and more!
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